Travel Service

«Travel Service» - indispensable assistant in your travel. 

The dedicated support Team will provide assistance to you throughout the day, without weekends and holydays, resolving any kind of issue or problem you have to deal with, including information service, business support, medical assistance as well as emergency respond. Additionally the service of multilingual verbal translation is being delivered in more than 77 languages. Just dial phone number: 

+372991 (Services are being provided in English)
+372992 (Services are being provided in Russian).

Services of «Travel Service» are available for subscribers throughout the day 7/24 all around the World. The phone call on number «Travel Service» is not associated with any additional expenses or hidden fees. The rate of call is equal to regular rate of outgoing phone call rate per minute within the country of current presence. 

«Travel Service» is always ready to help you in any kind of challenges you are faced with: through the providing necessary information and fulfilling minor errands and engagement, up to executing sophisticated consulting services. By the specific inquiry from airBalticCard customer, he or she will be empowered with the complete informational support. You can get the information about business companies of your interest (name, address, contacts, working hours and rates) at any World’s spot.When you are on leisure or business travel, the «Travel Service» will cover all informational support associated with the travel: facts on a country, currencies, visas, vaccinations. If such a need arise, there is possibility to book accommodations or conveniently connected travel tickets, as well as to get schedules and tickets of amusements and sport events. Additionally, there is the possibility to order taxi or reservation in a restaurant.   

The ultimate purpose of the service is not just to get required information, but to book and reimburse your desired event or service. In order to ensure convenient booking and payments, airBalticCard customers are provided with the options of voice authorization, when all necessary booking or monetary data (name, credit card number, CVV, expiration date) are being spelled by the customer via phone. It is secure way of booking, because all the data are not being archived somewhere, but directly fed into dedicated booking system or specific authorization formats of a service supplier. 

«Travel Service» will assist to organize business meetings, conference calls, office equipment rental; it will help to create written translations of documents or provide data on currencies rates or stock market indicators and much more. In frames of «Travel Service» airBalticCard customers are eligible to receive a medical consultancy. You can call the doctor for a private visit at home, as well as to call the urgent medical Emergency or just to request medical advice. Medical services are being provided by professional team of specialised experienced medical employees. «Travel Service» will come immediately in case of emergency situations, when fast response is being required. These situations could be the loss of passports or travel tickets, luggage loss or theft, problems with the checks-in in hotels, as well as all the situations, where language support is urgently required, or there is a need for legal or juridical procedures to be commenced.

Receptionist Services
«Travel Service» will provide all necessary information about the organizations and companies of your interest upon the request from the Subscriber of airBalticcard(name, address, phone number, rates and prices, other related information) at any spot of the World. The hotel accommodation will be booked and paid upon the request and on behalf of the Subscriber. 

Travel support 

1.The information about transportation and booking of tickets. 
«Travel Service» provides comprehensive information about flights and trains schedules, as well as other means of transportation on desired travel destinations; it selects convenient connected legs of travel. Upon the Subscriber request Secretary will book the tickets and will forward payments on his/her behalf.
2.Hotels information, booking of accommodation.
«Travel Service» provides comprehensive information about hotels in region of arrival. Upon the Subscriber request Secretary will book the hotel accommodation and will forward payments on his/her behalf.

3.Verbal translation, language support
«Travel Service» will assist to Subscriber Customer to make the translation into any major World’s language. Having the provisional support of 26 call centres throughout the World, you can get interpretation assistance in more than 77 languages, as well as to execute conference calls, where three simultaneous lines could be deployed: an Subscriber, a Respondent, which should be translated, and Translator. If you would like to translate a person right next to you, it could be easily done by phone call to the Secretary with further switching loudspeakers on for dynamic interpretation.  

4.Visas related information 
«Travel Service» will provide all the information about a Visa for the country of travel. Additionally, you will be delivered with clear algorithm of practical steps for acquisition of this document. In case of necessity, you can get all the addresses and phone numbers of Consulates, Embassies, offices of visas, as well as associated intermediates, which works in these fields. There are possible effective solutions of emergency ‘’ad-hoc’’ unusual situations with visas and legal travel documents.        

5.Information about car rental and/or other vehicles  
«Travel Service» provides an information about terms and conditions of car rentals, luxury rated cars, availability of vehicles in different car rental companies. . Upon the Subscriber request Secretary will rent the car and will forward payments on his/her behalf at any spot of the World. 

6.Information about vaccinations 
«Travel Service» will inform you about all required and recommended vaccinations in certain region. Qualified medical specialist will deliver a consultation on that.  

7. Country facts and information  
«Travel Service» will provide all the related information about the country of visit: facts, specific customs, holydays, local legislation, transportation networks, level of medical care, security issues etc..  

8. Recommendations on personal security measures
«Travel Service» will provide all necessary recommendations on personal physical security measures within certain country, governmental advice on security and other aspects of personal security.

9. Weather forecasts and currencies exchange rates 
You can get weather forecast for certain region, as well as effective currencies exchange rates.

«Travel Service» will execute some small errands on behalf of Subscriber, such as fax or message transmitting, notifying of anybody about any topic and others. Additionally, Secretary can deliver a wake up call, by dialling onto your specified phone number at determined time.

11. Voyage assistance 
«Travel Service» is always in a complete readiness to help Subscriber in any kind of situations related with automotive trip and transportation. Emergency delivery of gasoline, if it ran off on the road, search for required destination and other executive errands. 

12. The solving of problems in common situations as :

Refused hotel accommodation for a Customer;
Customer has to re-book or cancel travel tickets or hotel accommodations;
Customer’s flight is cancelled or delayed;
Customer is about to miss or missed his/her flight or train;
Customer requests additional data or information;
Customer lost his/her luggage;
Customer’s rights are under infringement, as the Consumer’s indispensable rights: delivery of deficient goods or services, poorly performed hotel’s services or poorly organized travel.

The framework of claimer provisioning provides these services as the purely assistant duties: «Travel Service» will get in contact with the service supplier, and then will request the comments on particular situation of the Subscriber; will insist on solution of a problem in a most effective and facilitated way, as well as will seek for alternative ways of solution.   

The framework of claimer provisioning provides these services as the purely assistant duties: «Travel Service» will get in contact with the service supplier, and then will request the comments on particular situation of the Subscriber; will insist on solution of a problem in a most effective and facilitated way, as well as will seek for alternative ways of solution.  


13. Information about restaurants and booking the reservations 
«Travel Service» will provide comprehensive information about cafeterias and restaurants all around the World as well as will make the reservation in selected catering locations.

14. Information about sport an cultural events 
«Travel Service» will provide information about the days, times and locations of particular sport, cultural events in certain region, as well additional information about availability of the tickets, phones and addresses of ticketing desks. Upon the Subscriber request Secretary will book the tickets and will forward payments on his/her behalf, and, in case of necessity, will organize the delivery of tickets. 

15. Information about leisure and amusement places 
«Travel Service» will provide the information about gyms, fitness centres, beauty parlours, gulf clubs, guided tours in certain region as well as about provisional charges, terms and conditions of services, times and places of particular events.   

16. The Information about goods and services: ordering, payments, delivery and optional assistance. 
«Travel Service» will provide Subscriber all necessary addressees of stores and shops, where desired goods could be bought; additionally, «Private Secretary» can deliver all the purchases into any location of the World, where this service is available.   

17.Taxies, transfers
«Travel Service» will call a taxi for Subscriber at any time, at any geographical location.


18. Business services; the arrangement of services 
«Travel Service» will assist to organize business meetings, conference calls, office equipment rental (such as computer or fax); it will brief on local specialities of business ethics code and will provide data on currencies rates or basic stock market indicators. 

19. Information about written documents translations 
«Travel Service» will provide the information on available Bureaus of translation will organize the interpretation of written materials or will help Subscriber to find a Translator for an event.


20. Emergency and regular medical consulting 
«Travel Service» will organize medical consulting and advice, will ensure medical recommendations via phone call to a Customer, who previously committed phone call to a Coordination Centre. 
NB! Physician’s medical advice delivered by telephone shall never to be considered as the medical diagnosis.

21. Travel medical information and advice  
«Travel Service» ensures Subscriber with the access to pool of medical experts and to dedicated Coordination Centres network, in order to receive timely medical assistance during the travel. 

22. Arrangement of medical and dental appointments 
«Travel Service» will provide Customer with the names, addresses, phone numbers, working hours (upon Customer’s request) of clinics, hospitals, dentists and dental clinics in the region of Customer’s presence. 

23. Arrangement of Physician’s private visit 
«Travel Service» will arrange the private visit of a Physician to Customer upon his/her request. 

24. Arrangement of Emergency ambulance «Travel Service» will arrange the arrival of Emergency ambulance to a Subscriber upon the Subscriber request or his/her authorised representative


25. Legal representatives 
«Travel Service» will provide Customer with the names, addresses, phone numbers and, if possible, working hours of lawyers in certain region. «Travel Service» will assist to get acquaint with the common terms and conditions and quality of juridical services in certain region.      

26. The transmitting of Emergency messages
«Travel Service» will render all necessary activities, in order to arrange the transmitting of emergency information between the Subscriber and his/her family members or other individuals, specified by the Customer. This includes the situations, when notification to Subscriber’s citizenship national Consulate in country of presence is being urgently needed: in case of detainee, confinement, arrest or criminal accusation, or Subscriber became a crime victim.   

27. Urgent translation and Translator services In case of urgency or emergency situation, 
«Travel Service» provides the options of live translation via phone line to any language, as well as arrange translation support throughout its Coordination Centre network.  

28. Help and advice in case of documents lose 
«Travel Service» undertakes the duties of Subscriber support in case of essential travel documents lose (passports, credit cards etc.), providing practical recommendations on alleviating the situation: restore or substitute lost credentials. 

29. Insured event advice and consulting 
«Travel Service» will provide common recommendations on behavior and activities algorithm in case of insured event occurrence.